Meer online speel plezier van EA. Ultima Online krijgt een nieuwe extra uitbreiding. Voor sommige al oud nieuws en voor andere juist weer niet. Op de officiƫle homepage van Ultima Online kan je wat features lezen. Veel valt er niet te zien, maar voor diegene die intresse heeft.. worth a look!Adding a new area for gamers to explore and motion-captured 3D animated character models - which include an advanced gesturing system, the pack will also include 200 hundred new character models and a new particle system which will support enhanced lighting and shading techniques. The new client now allows for 3D support, meaning that entities within the game - such as terrain, buildings and characters - are now also in 3D. However, your viewing perspective of the gameworld will still be isometric.

Long live the Fighters... and the mages... and the thieves.

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