Eindelijk weer eens wat nieuws van het Ultima Online 2 Front. UO 2 Vault heeft een interviewtje gepost:Jonric: It has been stated that the setting for Ultima Online 2 will be in Britannia, but on a separate time line. How and when does this time line diverge from the stand-alone games and from Ultima Online? Ubiq: First, a bit of background on Ultima Online: UO takes place in a "splinter universe" that breaks off from the main single-player Ultima thread at the time of the shattering of the Gem of Immortality in the first Ultima. However, the timeline of Ultima Online takes place considerably later than this, running somewhat concurrently with Ultima IV and V. However, since it is a different timeline, none of the events since the first Ultima in the Ultima Prime world have occurred in Ultima Online. Thus, the Avatar never came, the Guardian has yet to arrive, and Minax' nasty plans have taken a different path, as the players of UO are now finding out. Ultima Online 2, in turn, splinters off of THAT timeline and takes a different path. The cataclysm that causes the events leading to UO2 happens during UO's timeframe. However, players will find that in UO2, 200 years have transpired since the cataclysm that caused the worlds to diverge yet again. Best interessat dat ze nu opeens toch van de zeer populaire wereld van Britannia afwijken, maar Origin kennende... >