VE meldt dat origin een niewe patch (u9patch118) heeft gereleased voor Ultima IX.

Origin heeft hiermee naar eigen zeggen "kritische problemen opgelost" en zal een nieuwe install disk naar alle geregistreerde gebruikers sturen.

De patch is hier vinden.We are happy to announce that we have completed a rigorous testing cycle on our third patch, and it is now available for download! Once installed, the patch is cumulative, meaning that it will include all fixes from the previous patches. We have addressed many crucial issues, and believe that players will see an improvement in performance as well as gameplay. Through our boards and other communications, we have continued to monitor the feedback we have been given on Ascension, and we feel everyone should be able to experience the full impact of Ultima Ascension with the best results possible. Now that this patch is complete, we will begin our work on the remastering of the install CD, which will be sent to all registered owners of Ascension, free of charge. This CD will replace your current install disk, and will include this latest patch. To ensure that everyone playing Ultima Ascension experiences the highest possible level of performance, we have also compiled a D3D.txt document, which features a list of compatible D3D cards and provides the ideal settings for each of these cards. We have included an options.txt document as well that details the settings in the options.ini file, and how to use these to your best benefit.