Onze vrienden van 3Dgaming zij zo aardig geweest een preview van Ultima Ascension, das dus het spelletje waar al vijf(!) jaar aan gewerkt wordt door Origin. Anyway, hier is een stuk :So could Ultima IX change the way role-playing games are crafted in today's market? That's a tough call to make. Lord British is renown for having a love of depth and history in his games, as well as involving the player and making them care. If British were ever to have a career high, IX looks to be it. If there's something role-playing games today lack, it's a system of morals. Of course, that's just one of many things rpgs tend to lack, no thanks to games such as Diablo that have dropped rpgs to an inferior level. But nonetheless, they shall survive. As someone who's wasted one too many hours in Baldur's Gate, perhaps only three times did I truly care about the repercussions my actions would have. I'm one of those nice folk who have a thing called “integrity”, so when someone asks me if I found any important remains on a corpse that a family would like, regardless of whether or not it's worth money to me, I return it. This, in a pinch, is the type of drive I've felt has driven Richard Garriott, aka Lord British's games in the past. That and annoying jump features.