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De Fictie De 10 versies van Soldiers Of Fortune die het niet hebben gehaald:

10. Soldier of Disco: Its 1979 and Disco is about to die, its your job to kill off all the rock stars and ensure that disco never dies. Since Disco is dead, This was rejected.

9. Soldier of Jerry Springer: Rated NB by ESRB, meaing to be played by 'No One' due to excessive stupid, white trash, violence. 8. Soldier of Blockbuster: Guard the videos from punk teens trying to steal tapes and games, and those con-artists trying to get a free rental. Rejected due to excessive killing of innocents and late fees. 7. Soldier of Anime: Billions of weapons, More blood than GHOUL can handle, Mechs, scantly clad women, Mechs, space combat, Mechs, badly translated plot, and did i mention mechs? Rejected due to estimated development time for it to be perfect (Development time exceeds expected lifespan of the programmers) 6. Soldier of IRC: Text based. Defend your IRC channel from AOLers and the 'l33t' as well as 0-day WaReZ and Pr0n based Spam. Rejected due to the fact this is already freely available without crappy AI. 5. Soldier of E3: Your a Merc, dying to get into the E3 show, but you don't have the right credientials to get in. You must find any way possible to get into the show. Rejected due to insane difficulty levels and the beta kept crashing when you go by the Microsoft booth. 4. Soldier of the Elderly: Defend your retirement home from the evil corporate lawyers trying to buy the land, bulldoze the home and make a tenis court. Rejected because everyone couldn't stop filling the dead bodies of the lawyers with lead. Also, having a merc with a walker and an IV-line in his arm was thought boring. 3. Soldier of Who Wants to be a Millionare: Instead of silly questions, you get to deathmatch with Regis, and every shot doubles your current amount of cash if you hit him. Rejected due to the fact Kathy Lee appears out of nowhere and destroys him with an army of underpaid children. 2. Soldier of Ion Storm: The quest to kill John Romero. Wasn't rejected. Still in development. It will be out next week! Honest! Just before we push back the release date again. 1. Soldier of Networking: Fight your way through the virtual binaries and jpegs of your own PC and fend off hackers and viruses. Watch out for the user and his stupid mistakes, oh no? whats that??? Linux!!?? Canceled due to the fact it encouraged players to buy from the competition developers.

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