Gamespot heeft 9 screenshots van de nieuwe Redstorm (van Rainbow 6) game 'UFS Vanguard' online gegooid.Much like Interplay's Starfleet Academy, the game is a capital-starship simulator in which you assume the position of a captain of a massive interstellar warship. The game's plot focuses on two warring human factions caught in a battle over ideology. You play on the side of the Allies, also known as the United Forces Navy, in their struggle against The Hierarchy of Man. Both sides have a combined total of 14 capital ships, which can be piloted in Vanguard's multiplayer mode. In single player, however, you'll be limited to piloting three ships on the Allies' side. They are the light Glacier Class Frigate, the moderately armored Gaurdian Class Heavy Cruiser, and the gigantic Warrior Class Dreadnought.