UbiSoft, het bedrijf achter games als Co Adriaanse Football Manager en de Rayman games, gaat nu ook games ontwikkelen voor de Palm PC en Pocket PC.

Voor kerst dit jaar wil Ubi Soft 15 in de winkels hebben.

Games die er sowieso zullen komen zijn Rayman, Tom Clancy's in Depth, Chessmaster, Traffic en Infested Ground.

Als rede voor het PDA avontuur noemt Ubi Soft het enorme potentieel van deze machines, er zijn er wereldwijd al ruim 13.5 miljoen verkocht, een aantal dat nog steeds rap stijgt.July 3, 2001 -- Ubi Soft is positioning itself to become a video game publisher with maximum mobility. Currently the largest third party publisher in Europe for the new Game Boy Advance system, Ubi Soft is now set to bring a lineup of 15 unbeatable new games to PDAs worldwide before Christmas, making it an international publishing powerhouse for PDA format, as well as traditional video game formats.

Thanks to its partnership with it's 'brother' company, LudiGames, Ubi Soft will establish itself as a leader in the mobile sector. Ubi Soft star Rayman® will make his PDA debut in Rayman® Palm OS and Rayman® Pocket PC both developed by the LudiGames team. Also going mobile are Tom Clancy's In Depth, Chessmaster®, first person shooter games Mars and Infested Ground, and puzzle game Traffic. An industry with strong growth potential, the Palm has a worldwide installed base of 12 million units and the Pocket PC 1.5 million. Compaq, for example, has just sold its millionth I-PAQ, demonstrating that the market is both healthy and moving towards high quality machines. Wanneer we precies de eerste games voor de PDA kunnen verwachten is nog niet bekend.