Ubi Soft en Guillemot gaan samen een online gaming site maken, waar je meer dan 300 games kan spelen.Ubi Soft and Guillemot today announced the creation of Gameloft.com, an online gaming firm. The company has been created to be a center of services and content for wired gamers. As of April 2000, gamers all over the world will be able to access this free service. It will offer more than 300 games--all of Ubi Soft's games, Direct Play compatible games, and Quake-like games. It will also offer a large array of services. In addition to providing a "games portal," Gameloft.com will be positioning itself as a "privileged partner" of ISPs and other high-traffic generators on the net willing to offer gamers a high performance platform. Gameloft.com is designed to take advantage of broadband networks and platforms. It claims that its delocalized architecture, in close proximity to all users, will give players the best possible connection. Gamers will connect directly to different Gameloft services via their local Internet service providers.