Bij Sniperalley hebben ze een paar nieuwe screens van the world is not enough (afkorting T.W.I.N.E.). Er staan daar screens voor de PSX, de PC en de N64. Key Game Features

· Full 3D highly-realistic environments – many of the enormous arenas and levels will be based on familiar movie scenes and locale

· First-person perspective gameplay – experience the game's rich, detailed environments from this engrossing point of view

· Platform-specific feature sets – each version of the game will be designed to make optimum use of its platform's technical capabilities

· Multi-player gameplay options – each version will feature multiplay options specific to its hardware

· Use of id Software's Quake 3 Arena engine for Playstation 2 and PC CD-ROM versions – this will elevate the quality of graphics and special effects through smooth, curved surface rendering, high detail textures, volumetric fog and specular lighting

· New graphics engine for Playstation version – this will be capable of rendering the richest environments ever seen for the Playstation

· Newly revamped precision targeting system for Playstation version – this will allow pinpoint accuracy when using a weapon or gadget