Vandaag ook nog wat screenshots van de door de Quake 3 engine gepowerde game The World Is Not Enough (TWINE dus).

Bij de mannen van Snipers Alley kan je de screenies van de PC, PSX en de N64 vinden.Key Game Features

[bullet] Full 3D highly-realistic environments – many of the enormous arenas and levels will be based on familiar movie scenes and locale

[bullet] First-person perspective gameplay – experience the game's rich, detailed environments from this engrossing point of view

[bullet] Platform-specific feature sets – each version of the game will be designed to make optimum use of its platform's technical capabilities

[bullet] Multi-player gameplay options – each version will feature multiplay options specific to its hardware

[bullet] Use of id Software's Quake 3 Arena engine for Playstation 2 and PC CD-ROM versions – this will elevate the quality of graphics and special effects through smooth, curved surface rendering, high detail textures, volumetric fog and specular lighting

[bullet]New graphics engine for Playstation version – this will be capable of rendering the richest environments ever seen for the Playstation

[bullet]Newly revamped precision targeting system for Playstation version – this will allow pinpoint accuracy when using a weapon or gadget