Op 4 Augustus 2000 had Sport Planet een interview afgenomen met Nascar 4 producer Scott Stutsman. Maar omdat Nascar 4 steeds dichterbij komt heeft Sports Planet een tweede interview gehouden met dezelfde persoon. Erg interessant om te lezen wat er zoal anders is tussen de twee interviews.SportPlanet: Most of us have downloaded and raced the demo. We keep hearing from unofficial, and some official, sources that many aspects of the N4 have changed since the Demo. Could you please elaborate for us some of the changes that have taken place and why those steps were taken?

Scott: We've listened to the feedback to get an idea of what the big issues are, but there haven't been that many. Yes, it's not N3! You can't mash the gas and the brakes. It's as close to the real thing as you can get. We've been working on optimizing the game and we also have been working on finishing up race control and the AI. I think people will be extremely happy with the paint kit that we've included, as it will give you a lot more options than you had before and also a lot more colors to work with. We've been working on shipping with a couple of setups for each track, the default being a lot more user-friendly by not having the pull to the left. We'll also have additional setups for the experienced user as well.

Het interview is hier te vinden. Op de officiƫle Papyrus website zijn meer screenshots te vinden.