Blizzard releasde vandaag 2 nieuwe screenshots van het pas toegevoegde 5, en tevens laatste, ras: The Night Elves. Many years after the Dark Portal that bound the Orcish homeland of Draenor and the Human world of Azeroth was destroyed, a young Orc named Thrall was captured and raised as a slave by humans who followed the ways of treachery rather than those of honor. Using the skills driven into him by his captors with his own natural strength and courage, Thrall escaped his wicked masters and, once free, set out to find his stolen heritage. Finding his kind forced to live passively in controlled settlements, the young warrior sought out the few, scattered Orc clans that managed to evade the wrath of the Alliance. Helaas moeten we nog een half jaar wachten tot de release van Warcraft3