Gaan we weer even erg diep graven in het geheugen.. Turrican, waar ken ik dat ook alweer van... Tuurlijk, de goede oude Amiga! Een platform shoot 'em up!

Voor de mensen die het niet kennen, hieronder een stukkie, de rest zie je hier en wat screenshots vind je hier.Miracles still do happen, even in the gaming industry. Some gamers may remember a shooter called Turrican on the Amiga or one of the incredible sequels that followed on the Super Nintendo and Genesis platforms. Popular for its jump-and-shoot play mechanics, Turrican achieved a cult status in the gaming scene. And in the age of reviving classics, Turrican is about to return in 3D. Whether this 3D installment will live up to the game's heritage still remains to be seen, but there is one reason to be positive: Manfred Trenz, father of the character, is back to evolve Turrican. With a team of 20 people on board, he is setting out to deliver Turrican to a new generation of gamers.