Acclaim heeft bekend gemaakt dat Turok 3 voor de N64 deze zomer in de winkels zal liggen. Over andere systemen wordt (nog) niets gezegd.In Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion, gamers will find themselves wrapped in a compelling and detailed storyline enhanced by scripted in-game events and cut scenes throughout the game. Gamers also start out with the ability to play as one of two lead characters - Joseph or Danielle Fireseed, Joshua Fireseed's siblings," said David Dienstbier, Creative Director at Acclaim Entertainment. "Entire new areas will open up to each character depending on who you choose, yet each character is dependent on the other's capabilities in order to complete the game. (...)Once entered Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion, gamers will also find themselves in the most graphically detailed environments ever seen on the N64, each vastly different and extremely varied. Turok 3's five worlds are extremely varied, gamers will find themselves fulfilling missions in a very Blade Runner-esque futuristic level, a military city and a jungle level among others. Gamer's will also soon realize that, similar to our own existence, each world features a "living environment," meaning the environment is in a constant state of movement that is not dependent on the players actions. Turok 3 features 24 incredibly innovative and upgradable weapons and over 40 extremely cunning enemies with extremely bright artificial intelligence attempting to defeat their challengers. Enemies are also extremely unpredictable; they will never reappear in the same place twice.