Hoewel de Russische ontwikkelaar Burut de meeste aandacht naar zich toe trekt met hun 3D shooter Kreed zijn ze ook nog hard bezig aan GoldenLand, een top-down RPG die zich afspeelt in een fantasy wereld. In tegenstelling tot spellen als Baldur's Gate en Icewind Dale maakt GoldenLand gebruik van een turn-based combat mode, iets wat we ook al in Fallout zagen. Active reviews vroeg de makers hoe deze gevechten in z'n werk gaan:AR - With a turn-based RPG in mind, how does combat work?

SB - Our realization of the fighting system offers to player such abilities as: modernized algorithm of enemies' behavior which takes into account their mutual location, the landscape, and player's tactics of battle. Enemies have their own inventory and they use in the battle different potions and spells. There will also be a possibility to strike certain body segments that affect the amounts of damage inflicted. For example, the successful strike to ones eyes lowers the precision of enemies and a broken hand or leg will limit the moving of persons. Control of troop members during the battle, changes of their equipment and arms allows use of the abilities of brothers-in-arms a maximum advantage. The designing of series of strikes when player will achieve certain levels of concrete skills allows them to inflict additional damages per each step of character. Furthermore there is the wide range of spells. They are divided to 6 magic schools and include not only destroying spells, but also protective, treatment and so on. And these spells are not all features for turn-based system in Golden Land. Lees het hele interview hier. Screenshots weet men je bij Active Reviews niet (gratis) te bieden, maar daarvoor kan je hier terecht.