De Half-Life mod Trinity Command is uitgekomen. Trinity Command is een King-Of-The-Hill stijl mod met totaal verschillende 2 teams met andere wapens, models en voor-nadelen. Features:

[bullet]In-game LAN bots that can follow you or hunt you down with skill!

[bullet]Interesting new weapons such as the Static Rifle and Invis-O-Tron!

[bullet]New and fun player classes such as Police Officer, Hunter and Fieldman!

[bullet]Five high quality official maps come with your download automatically!

[bullet]No server crashes!

[bullet]Totally redone sounds and custom player skins!

[bullet]Online Manual!

[bullet]Tech support via forums or email!

[bullet]A fun new experience that blends realism mods and capture the flag mods for a whole new type of gameplay that will knock your socks off!

Downloaden kan je hier