De dames van gamepower hebben trickstyle geanalyseerd, en hebben het erg knusjes gehad met het spelen ervan .Ze hebben ook wat leuke plaatjes geschoten met oma's fotomatic.

Hieronder vindt je een voorproefje van het verslag :The back-story proclaims that World War III is history. While I'm not sure what that has to do with this game, life is good, and whenever life is good our thoughts turn to fun. Such is the case with the surfers of Acclaim's TrickStyle. Bored with their fortunate lot in life (we should all be so burdened), TrickStyle's surfers surf for fun, surf for fame, surf for the competition. There's only one problem -- Acclaim forgot the water.The game varies little from the tried-'n'-true arcade-racing formula. Gamers may choose from a variety of personalities and boards, although each board is not initially available. Both people and Hover-Ride boards have unique characteristics and -- to Acclaim's credit -- you can actually tell the difference. Angel (the game's answer to the Spice Girl's Baby) *is* faster than the King (no, he doesn't sing). But the Elvis look-alike has more board control. By the same token, the Combat Board will knock more than its share of competitors into the wall, while the Turbo Board -- when well-ridden -- will blow out the competition.