Er lijkt geen einde te komen met patches voor Tribes2. Wij gelukkige Nederlanders kunnen sinds 2 a 3 dagen deze game ook spelen en ik heb al zeer veel positief nieuws gehoord over deze shooter van Dynamix. Alleen de die-hard tribers zijn niet echt te spreken over de nieuwe tribes.

Dynamix is druk bezig geweest en de patch is na 2 maal uitgesteld te worden uitgekomen met de volgende verbeteringen.* Fixed a problem that could have caused texture leaking in the interiors

* Fixed an AI problem in Training 2

* Chinese "simplified" keyboard supported

* A bug where infinite ammo could be gained by tossing the ammo was prevented.

* Fixed a problem in Training 2 where a waypoint wouldn't update properly.

* Thundersword and Havoc hold steady now when players try to jump in so they don't invert and detonate.

* CD is now required in the drive for on-line play.

* Active server queries will be cancelled now when you join a game (loads game faster now).

* If standing in an inventory station when it is destroyed you no longer permanently lose weapons.

* Fixed two issues that *could* cause crashes.

* Fixed "highlight text with my nick" option so it saves preference to file correctly.

* Made MPB able to climb hills more easily and reduced damage from impact with the ground.

* Observers can now only chat with other observers (no one else can hear them).

* Added a "max distance" ring for sensors on the commander map so players can more accurately assess how well they placed the sensor in relation to how much area it is actually sensing.

* Added a "ding" sound when you have filled up a text buffer so that you know why your text isn't showing up.

* Fixed Chat HUD so that page up/page down works better.

* Fixed a situation where Heavies could end up being permanently cloaked.

* The "edited post" date stamp now works correctly.

* If you jump into a vehicle while zoomed in, the zoom will reset correctly ther after now.

* You can now vote to kick observers, if desired.

* There was a situation where a player could die twice if he fell out of bounds. That has been resolved.

* Screen resolution information should update properly now when restarting the application.

* The camera should no longer be able to dip below terrain when in third person mode. (...)Dit is maar een kleine greep, het is werkelijk teveel wat er verbeterd is. De nieuwe games zijn maar buggie naar mijn mening. Tribes2 heeft nu al 7(?) patches in totaal en er is weinig te merken van de betatest die ze hebben gehouden.

Ik moet nog heel even wachten op mijn Tribes2 cd'tje maar vanaf dat moment ben ik niet meer bereikbaar.

Voor de mensen waarbij de auto-updater telangzaam werkt of gewoon simpelweg niet staan hieronder links naar de nieuwe patch. (800kb patch)

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