Tribes2 moet nog uitkomen maar de Modmakers staan al in de rij om hun kunsten te vertonen met het spel. Aangezien het nog steeds Modweek is bij Gamespy werd er dus nu gekeken naar de komende Mods van Tribes2. En afgaande wat de Modmakers zeggen zullen ook deze Mods zeerveelzijdig zij, voor iedereen wat wils GameSpy: What do you plan on doing when you get your hands on Tribes2?

Phantomstranger: I am working on an addon for Tribes 2 called Starsiege 2. Basically the addon adds in various things to Tribes 2 such as Hercs, New Teams, and New Vehicles. We will be adding in a single-player campaign to better envelop the story of the new groups in the game.

GameSpy: What projects do you currently have planned for the Tribes2 engine?

Jeremy Irons: Tribes 2 RPG. I might even port the Football MOD over if there's enough demand =) But that's all I have planned, considering the RPG already takes up 100% of my time.

GameSpy: What will you be working on when you get your copy of Tribes2?

HSTexman: While not Beta testing for Dynamix I will be in the process of making maps for a TC that will be released (hopefully) soon after Tribes 2. Many people remember Fortress Europe for Tribes 1. We decided to wait until Tribes 2 and we didn't forget. Playing with the mapping, Models, Interiors and anything else to do with the TC.

GameSpy: Fortress Europe?

HSTexman: In one word, "reality." What we really hope to achieve is a very realistic portrayal of what it was like to take back "Fortress Europe" from Hitler. We want people to play this TC and think, "It must have been hell to be a soldier in WW2." From storming the

beaches of Normandy to the Battle of the Bulge, we want as much realism as the engine will allow. That is one of the main reasons we waited to do the TC for Tribes 2. The engine will allow A LOT more then the Tribes engine would. Het spel is er nog niet, de ideeen voor de Mods zijn er niet minder om.