VoodooExtreme weet ons te melden dat Michael "Optimizer" Hamlett zijn eerste Tribes2 map pack af heeft. De map pack bevat 4 maps, die de namen Broadside, Pit of Death, Ice Ridge en Canyon Run met zich mee dragen. I just completed my first map pack for Tribes 2. This pack includes four new maps. The game types for this pack include CTF, DM, Hunters and Rabbit game types. Three of the maps are for Rabbit, Hunters and DM. I worked on the terrain for a few days and got some awesome designs done. The terrain will allow newbies and vets alike super high air due to the layout of hills and valleys. The CTF map in the pack is my T2 version of Broadside from Tribes. All four maps have bot support.Voor extra screenshots van de desbetreffende maps en de download, die overingens 3.1 MB weegt, smurf je naar dit adres.