BadKarma had een interview met Craig Maitlen, art director van Tribes 2. Hier gaat het over concept art, models en andere features (zoals easter eggs...yummie! yummie!)BK: Who does most of the promotional art we see, the hand drawn stuff?

Most of the promotional art you see in conceptual form is a combination of my work and TRIBES2's own concept artist, Robert Caracol. My work consists of the environmental concepts while Robert has taken on the lion's share of the rest of the concepts.

BK: Does Dynamix plan on releasing the armor models for Tribes 2? Anytime close to the release date of the game itself?

We have no plans to release the armor models before the release of the game.

BK: Along the same lines, will the skinning community be seeing armor texture templates before or after the release of the game? Or at all?

The plan is to get the community a texture template for the armors as soon as we can. I imagine that sometime between beta and gold dates we will release the template.

BK: How about ground clutter? Are there plans for more ground clutter in T2, other than the occasional boulder that was present in Tribes? If you are referring to static shapes that enhance the environment, making it more immersive, then the answer is yes. Of course the balance we have to work with is between shapes in the environment and frame rate. We have a large variety of grasses, shrubs, trees, rocks, spires, and land features in the game. Each world terrain set has it's own unique set of features to be placed in the environment. We also have objects that are placed in the interiors, to break up the space and enhance the game play. And combining this with weather effects and sounds we are very excited about how the missions are looking. Nog meer art is in het volledige artikel te bekijken.