Een spel waar ik zeker naar uitkijk is Tribes 2. Tribes is een van de betere MP team games en hopelijk wordt deel 2 nog beter.Nearly two years ago, Dynamix started a new sub-genre in the first-person shooter market with the release of its multiplayer-only action game, "Starsiege: Tribes." Large outdoor environments, intense base combat, new spins on familiar game types, and a space opera setting all contributed to the game's ongoing success. Can we expect the same popularity when the sequel hits our desktops within the next few months? In one word, yes! This game has the potential to steal our sleeping hours and force us into incredibly fun squad combat. Want to know why? Read on!

The conquest takes place in five different world types: Snow, Lush, Lava, Desert, and Alien. They each come with their own special features and musical soundtracks (the lush world will feature trees, snow will include slippery ice, the desert has quicksand, etc). Each world type can be mixed in the powerful map editor Dynamix is including with Tribes 2, allowing infinite variations of terrain types. Multi-layered skies, awe-inspiring landscapes, and beautiful textures all add the feeling that you're in an existent world. The game's atmosphere is incredibly well done!

Community, the game's lifeblood, is going to be helped by Dynamix in some pretty big ways. To help make communication easier, bind commands, forums, voice communication, a Web browser, e-mail and instant messaging are being built into the game. Clan Web pages can be automatically generated on the T2 database with all the information a player needs to be recruited included. This database will essentially act as a community hub, making it easy for gamers to find and stay in touch with the rest of the community. Dynamix hopes these features will take players to another level of teamplay.

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