Avault maakte een flinke preview over de massive online game: Tribes2 met daarbij natuurlijk een aantal enorm mooie screens.

Met de graphics lijkt het allemaal wel goed te zitten, maar welke verbeteringen zijn er nu aan de gameplay aangebracht?Tribes 2 is shaping up to be larger and more intricate than the scope of this first glance could inform. As the sequel heads into its beta test phase, more details about the game will emerge, and the Adrenaline Vault will bring its readers an in-depth hands-on account. A few things are clear at this stage: Sierra, which is billing this title as “the ultimate in team-based action,” is on the cusp of creating the next big obsession for fans of online gaming. For starters, the product is being designed from the ground up to offer the most comprehensive and powerful team-based features to date. Also, the inclusion of tutorials and a clean interface will appeal to newbloods. Even now, it is clear that Tribes 2 is going to deliver what fans are wanting. In the meantime, if this brief glimpse has spurred interest, consider filling out the beta test form, even if online or team-based combat would be something new. Sierra is calling for gamers of all levels of experience and expertise, and 1,000 applicants with at least a Pentium II 300 will be selected to participate. You might be surprised and teach all those veterans a thing or two about survival. Als je trouwens in wil schrijven voor de betatest dan kan je dat hier doen.

En wie wil dat nu niet?