Bij IGN hebben ze een leuke preview van Tribes 2 in elkaar gedraaid. All of the mission types are programmed into the game engine, which looks pretty complete to us at this point and was running smoothly at the show. Much of the development team's time will now be taken by adding content to the game and making sure that everything is bug-free and balanced. It's finally becoming a full game folks, and we can honestly say that Tribes 2 looks to be coming along quite nicely from what we saw at the big show. On a side note, as I type this I'm on a plane to Los Angeles to interview Mötley Crüe about their involvement with the Tribes 2 soundtrack and check out some of the new tunes we can expect to hear in the game, so look for more on the music in Tribes 2 very, very soon.Bekijk hem hier in totaliteit.