De beta van Tribes 2 is al een tijdje geleden naar de gelukkige testers gestuurd. Firing Squad behoorde ook tot deze selecte groep. De beta kreeg een stevige review waarin alles aan bod komt.

Zo kunnen alle twijfelaars zien dat de potentie van Tribes 2 ZEER groot is. Er wordt nog steeds gewerkt aan Tribes 2 maar dit wordt volgens mij een onvervalste "haaljeslaapzakuitdekast-engavoordewinkelliggen" titel.Bold, beautiful (possibly even more impressive than Quake 3, depending on who you ask), following the same theme as the original game yet daring to try something different, there's little to not like about Tribes 2 so far. However, we wouldn't be surprised if a rift occurs in the Tribes community like the one that struck Quake players when QuakeWorld and Quake II came out.

As we've seen in the past, there's no doubt that all but the most hardcore will switch to Tribes 2. The new gameplay might make individual skill seem less important, as it did in Quake II, but it rewards true teamwork and is more balanced. As always, anyone who has perfected a certain style of play will be upset if they have to learn a new style, but that's life. We, here, just can't wait for the game to go gold so that there are more victims online

Helaas voor alle solo's onder ons maar Tribes 2 zal een heerlijk teamgame worden.