Yes, eindelijk is Tribes 2 gold. Na een lange en uitvoerige beta test is het product eindelijk klaar om naar winkels wereldwijd verscheept te gaan worden.

Een stukje uit het persbericht :BELLEVUE, WA (March 19, 2001) - Sierra today announced that TRIBES 2 (, Dynamix's eagerly awaited sequel to the 1999 Online Action/Strategy Game of the Year Starsiege: TRIBES, has gone gold. Offering PC gamers massive and breathtaking worlds for exploration and battle, as well as unprecedented innovations in team-based, tactical gameplay, TRIBES 2 is set to take over store shelves around the world first week of April.

"TRIBES 2 is revolutionary not only for its gameplay, but for its community-building features, such as forums, e-mail, IRC, news, tribes/player pages and in-game voice," said Lee Rossini, marketing director at Sierra. "Now gamers can start their own tribe, recruit members, communicate with them, make MODs and participate in the Tribes 2 community without ever having to leave the game."

"We're looking forward to seeing how players tear into this game," said Dave Georgeson, senior producer/director at Dynamix. "There's an amazing amount of features in TRIBES 2 and I can't wait to see all the combinations of strategies and tactics that players develop. I think we have something here that can really create a whole new attitude towards gaming once folks are able to get involved with serious teams of 60+ people in a game."Het spel wordt 4 April in ons kikkerlandje verwacht.