Hadden ze bij Tribes 2 Players op 3 juli een interview met Mark Frohnmayer over het hele netwerkgebeuren. Vandaag hebben ze deel 2 van dit interview met Mark online gezet. T2P: TRIBES 2 will feature automatic map download. Could you tell us what exactly this is and how it works? Also, have you decided on automatic client skin download? Mark Frohnmayer: Basically the terrain file for the mission is small enough that the server can send it to you at mission start without incurring a major bandwidth hit. This will allow mapmakers much more freedom without causing users major hassles - in TRIBES 1 most of the custom maps used existing terrains or had to be downloaded outside of the game. Also, for map resources like new models, skins and buildings, the server will be able to redirect clients directly to ftp sites for downloads - so users won't just get "file blah was missing" and have to go find it somehow. Deel 2 van het interview is hier te lezen voor degene die deel 1 hebben gemist, geen nood want dat is hier te lezen