Al is Tribes geen overpopulaire game geweest in Europa, met Tribes2 hoopt Sierra ook hier dezelfde gekte te kunnen losmaken als in de VS het geval was.

MGON had een interview met Dynamix's Tribes II Producer Dave GeorgesonWith the interest in Tribes 2 really starting to heat up, we sent off one of our intrepid reporters to have a chat with Dave Georgeson, the Producer behind this upcoming title. Dave talks with us about things ranging from the Turtling to the possibilities of the MOD Scene, if you are interested in the progress of Tribes 2 in any way be sure to check this one out.

Q: How will the people for the beta be prioritized? For instance, using tribes 1 testers, top tribes, people with different hardware configurations, etc?

A: All of the above. We have to select a wide variety of testers for the beta. This means we need to top scripters, a few hardcore teams, great players, total newbies, and a wide variety of system specs to get compatibility checking. Also, a wide variety of connection speeds, etc. Prioritization? We'll need to cover all our bases first. Then we'll probably add people that have been seriously loyal over the last couple years. Then we'll just randomly add until we get to the numbers that we want.

Q: Will there be more revisions of Base+, or is the current version it?

A: That's probably all we'll do with Base+. It served us well as a tool for testing balance changes, but we're focused on getting T2 to Beta now and don't have much time to spare.

Q: How much of a single player aspect is there to Tribes 2? Training missions and the like.

A: guess? You can probably play the single-player through to completion in a single sitting. Not many missions there. However, you can play "Player vs. Bots" for a looooong time. I'm currently having a great time playing against Bots in Hunters. Of course, it lacks the reward of actually killing a person...sheesh, I'm sadistic. Scratch that last remark. ;) Het zal trouwens nog wel een tijdje gaan duren eer we deze game op de markt zullen zien.