Ok om te beginnen moet ik even bekennen dat ik geen idee heb waar dit nieuws vandaan komt . Het is afkomstig van vgames.co.il en ik heb werkelijk nog nooit van .il vernomen..

Hoe dan ook ze hebben een paar vragen gemaild naar producer Dave Georgeson en daar nog antwoord op gekregen ook.Ronen: Considering Tribes was not at all story driven, do you intend to try and make Tribes 2 story driven? (Considering the Starsiege universe is a very detailed one, and as opposed to Tribes, Tribes 2 will have Single Play)

Dave: No. The single player campaign is actually a thinly disguised, but fun to play, training sequence. The objective is to make the training experience into a fun, action-packed thrill ride that players want to participate in, thus giving them the training they need to play the game with little or no pain. The background to the Tribes/Starsiege universe is something we intend to expand on in the future, but Tribes is primarily a sports game right now and story isn't critical to it. On the otherhand, we've been writing some great stuff recently (see the Universe section on www.tribes2.com) and plans are definitely in place for future efforts. Lees de het complete interview en als Explorer aan je vraagt of je de onbekende taal wil installeren klik je gewoon op cancel