Tribes 2 Players heeft een interview gehad met Dynamix, de mannen achter deze team-based first-person action game. Het is een enorm uitgebreid verhaal, hieronder een stukje over de effecten van het weer op spel.[Tribes2Players]: How will the famous weather effects affect gameplay? Does the weather do anything other than look nice?

[Dynamix]: To answer both questions at once, weather will affect gameplay by not only reducing visual ranges, add some real-life hazards in the game (for instance, lightning will NOT be just a pretty background graphic. Expect your shorts to smell like ozone if you're not careful).

We've also got fog effects. Fog in T2 is altitude based, creating some spectacular scenes, like when you're on a mountain peak looking down on a fog-shrouded valley. Visibility while in fog will make it pretty tough to see what's what.