SPN schrijft: "Dynamix heeft een beta patch released die zeer veel verbeteringen bevat, zeker op het gebied van de netwerkcode. De patch is niet backwards compatible nog officieel, dus niet veel servers zullen updaten naar deze versie"- (bug fix) Vehicles and deployables now properly explode if they are destroyed while someone is repairing them.

- (bug fix) Sniper laser shots no longer create water splash effects if hitting ground near the water.

- (bug fix) Immersion iForce force feedback mouse is now working properly again.

- (bug fix) The "flag jumping" bug is now fixed. When a flag lands after being dropped, it will stay put when it slides to rest.

- (bug fix) Fixed a situation where closing tribe or player tags on the Browser out of order would cause a disconnect with the database server.

- (bug fix) Players can no longer fire, place mines, place grenades, or place beacons when inside a force field.

- (bug fix) Fixed bug where modifier keys (specifically SHIFT) bound to actions in the game would still cause those actions when typing in a text edit control in-game (such as the chat entry)

- (bug fix) Fixed a bug that could cause a player to drop to desktop when attempting to join a game which was in the process of cycling missions

Dynamix heeft wel geleerd van de problemen met een vorige patch en heeft een revert patch klaar staan.

Patch 23376 en de revert patch.