Een anoniem persoon gebruikte de news-submit om ons te wijzen op een artikel genaamd 'gender-bending gamers'. Daarmee wordt bedoeld dat mannen/jongens/pubers van 12 (die vooral) zich voordoen als vrouw in een game, door bijvoorbeeld een vrouwelijke skin te kiezen. Een grappig artikel dat je zeker gelezen moet hebben!Just remember: there are real women out there playing games, like our own Miss Pallor. If it walks like a woman, and talks like a woman, it's either the real deal or it falls into Category 2 or 3. Here's a few tips for narrowing it down. - Is this person a roleplaying freak? Does this person emote *cry* and *huggles* more than they speak normal words? If so, you're either dealing with a male basement troll or a female basement troll. In my opinion, the two are gender-neutral and should be considered just as lame. - Did the person come right out and tell you they were a woman with little or no prompting from you? Real women don't usually tell you their sex (for obvious reasons), so the sooner it comes out of their mouths, and the less time they've known you, the more likely they're faking it. - Watch for certain key sentences/word uses. Women don't usually call their friends "buddies" or "the guys", for instance. Stuff like that. Note, though, that women are just as prone as men to cursing; Miss Pallor can almost swear as well as I can. It's quite scary. - Feel free to frag them anyway. Women like real competition just as much as you do; they don't want to be treated differently. Woman or not, kill it! Just remember- the next 'babe' you see in a game could be me, and I'm not nice. I have a big halberd, and I like to hit people with it. By the same token, Miss Pallor is just as likely to kick your ass. The moral of the story? Fake or real, women in games are probably clambering for your blood.