24 Hour Gamer kreeg onderstaand persbericht van WizCom Enertainment opgestuurd. Hierin staat wat info over hun nieuwe game TRANS.Ik moet zeggen dat ik de screenshots nog niet echt indrukwekkend vind.March 12, San Hose. Today at GDC, WizCom Entertainment announced TRANS, a new breed of 3D action & strategy. If you prefer intellect to plain reflexes then this goodie is definitely your choice.

In essence, TRANS a third person robot action game that combines the real-time adrenaline of the 3D shooter with the mental effort of a tactical operation. The game features an exquisite story line with amazing cinematics and original trance music.

Each robot is actually a transformer - changing forms to switch weapons and key characteristics. Talented gamers will be able to surprise their enemy with deadly robot combinations. Choose from 21 robots, more than 30 weapons and 20 specials. Additional bonuses and upgrades are abound. The game is running fast even on Celeron system and a Banshee.