Alle sportfanaten zullen de kriebels wel hebben tijdens deze Olympische spelen. Voor de mensen die lekker uit hun luie stoel actief mee willen doen is er de virtuele editie van Microsoft.

Uiteindelijk komen zulk spellen op één ding neer KEYBOARD RAPE

Microsoft's gaming service starts its own browser-based

version of the Olympic games to coincide with the start

of the real events in Sydney. To commemorate the start of the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, the Zone has launched a

new downloadable game named Zone Track and Field. As you might suspect from the title, Track and Field lets players participate in several Olympic-style games such as the 100-meter dash, hurdles, long jump, javelin

throw, and others. Gameplay is similar to that found in other Olympic-style games, with performance determined by rapid key presses and precise timing. There are three different bandwidth versions of the game to accommodate those with slower connections. In order to play Track and Field, you'll need a 3D card with at least 4MB of RAM as well as

the WildTangent plug-in, which will be downloaded automatically from

WildTangent if necessary.

Met zulke systeem eisen moet bijna iedereen mee kunnen doen

Nu alleen de Zone vinden volgens Gamespot