Normaal klik ik niet op banners, maar zag net een banner over Total Annihilation, een van de beste RTS games allertijden. Via de banner kwam ik het nieuws tegen dat er een balance Mod gemaakt is voor TA: Kingdoms. Kingdoms kreeg veel kritiek en sprak minder mensen aan dan het originele Total Annihilation.

Ook waren er klachten over de balans van de units. Zo waren sommige units te sterk wat de speelbaarheid niet ten goede kwam. Om TA: Kingdoms nieuw leven in te blazen hebben mensen van Hardcore Gaming hard gewerkt aan een Mod die voor een gelijke balans moet zorgen.After a full year of development and testing we - MaDDoX, CK, Monster, Taz and the other beta testers - are really proud of offering the results of our hard work. That's what you'll get with HTAK v1:

- Much improved gameplay balance, with hundreds of individual (1x1) and crowd (20x20) unit tests realized in a dedicate LAN

- Full Creon Support with inovative production options and added "personality". HTAK Creon should please porks and TA's core fans, but with the addition of traditional Kingdoms elements like melee combats

- 18 additional/3rd party units, many exclusive ones, some others retextured and scaled to improve them in proportion and aesthetics

- 6 brand new and exclusive maps, with some innovative strategical gameplay elements

- 6 single player "savegame missions", an HTAK first, with skill levels ranging from tutorial to hardcore

- 100% enhanced ai, written from scratch and optimized for both low and high mana maps

- A totally revamped scouting system, with the "helicopter" function, that allows scouting units to keep flying over a certain spot on the ground and give continous LOS

- Many new weapons, like the awesome sniping arrow and the sorcerer's firestorm

- More than 20 pages of written documentation, from the basic gameplay guide and damage categories tables up to a full in-depth strategy guide, a great read for both generic strategies (that fit in every RTS) and specific HTAK attack and defense combos

Voor slechts 5 MB kan je je versie van TA: Kingdoms nieuw leven in blazen. Maar wie speelt er vandaag de dag nog TA: Kingdoms of Total Annihilation?