Black Isle bleek alweer een tijdje hard in de weer met TORN, de volgende RPG kaskraker in wording van dit bedrijf. Natuurlijk is dit een titel om te blijven volgen totdat het eind dit jaar zal uitkomen. De Dagelijkse Radar maakte ter gelegeheid van dit heugelijke feit een bescheiden preview.Many gamers and critics alike have praised Planescape: Torment for its deep, intricate storyline and involving gameplay. The praise hasn't landed on deaf ears: Interplay listened and put the same programmers that made that gem onto its next project, Torn. Since it was just announced, today details on Torn are scarce -- although was can confirm that the game will run on the Lithtech 3.0 engine. (...) Characters are all skill-based, and each problem encountered can be handled in various ways. For example, stumbling upon a band of orcs means that the player can opt to battle them or perhaps try to use diplomacy. It all depends on the specializations chosen and the actions that have led up to that point. This should ensure that no two players have the exact same experience in the game, giving Torn depth and replayability.Meer TORN informatie is te vinden op de website van het spel.