Nu de E3 is afgelopen kunnen we de komende dagen talloze post-impressies en "best of E3" artikelen verwachten. Het blijft echter altijd interessant om te zien welke games in de "prijzen" vallen. 3Dgamers maakte een top10 van de meest interessante E3 titels. Zoals te verwachten komen we Doom 3, S.T.A.L.K.E.R, Halo en Half-Life 2 tegen, maar heeft men ook nog ruimte gelaten voor andere titels zoals Kohan: Kings of War, SÖLDNER - Secret Wars, TRINITY, Call of Duty en Battlefield Command: Europe at War 1939 - 1945.Savage A multiplayer title that sports a rarely-seen mix of first-person action and RTS gameplay, Savage by S2 Games appears to successfully avoid a "me-too" label. The game puts a human and a beast race against each other across more than a dozen maps, with one player taking on the role of commander in charge of base building and directing the other players in the overall combat effort. The strategy component requires two resources but players are freed from boring building tasks by way of worker drones, while the action sees you wielding a variety of weapons in three categories: chemical, electrical and mechanical. Savage should appeal to gamers that like to put on their thinking caps during the action, and is due out in a mere two months. Waarom al deze titels zo bijzonder zijn kun je in dit artikel lezen.