[GpW]ShadoW schrijft: "De vorige keer was Quake/QuakeWorld maar dit keer is het de goeie ouwe Quake 2 ": Wil je weten wat Quake2 nu zo goed maakte? Dat kan je hier mooi vinden.

Pappy-R: The introduction of this weapon was momentus. One hit was usually one kill, but required such accuracy. The spin shot, the flick rail, the mid air rail...classics. All hail...da Rail!

Ash: I'm hailing, that's for sure. The rail gun was the temple to skill. Some would argue that the rail gun is too powerful, if it weren't for the fact that it took SO much accuracy to wield well. Ph34r the rail, for it is the sword of the l33t.

Ja heerlijke tijden, lekker met je BFG of je rocket launcher rondlopen en schieten maar.