Er zijn veel UT Mods, zeer veel. Het is bijna onmogelijk om ze allemaal te spelen. Daarom heeft gamecenter maar een Top10 samengesteld. Altijd handig .

Bij HL is het makkelijk te zeggen wat de beste Mod is, bij UT is dat moeilijker, de Modscene van UT is ook nog wat jonger More than any other first-person shooter, Unreal Tournament is designed to be flexible for the player. It ships with a handful of mods, called mutators, that you can easily use to modify any of the game types. But these are just the beginning of game customization options. You can download player-made mutators and double-click on a "umod" file to install them. Then you can tweak the mods to your heart's content from within Unreal Tournament's shell screen. No other game has been so friendly to third-party mods. But for every excellent mutator, there are about a dozen awful ones. How do you tell them apart without downloading and playing them all?

1. Unreal4Ever Tournament It's hard to believe that Unreal's weapons could be made even crazier, but this is exactly what Unreal4Ever Tournament (U4ET) does. It adds 34 new weapons. Not just new weapons, but wildly inventive, fun, fall-out-of-your-chair-laughing, wacky weapons. That's 34, each with primary and secondary firing modes. 2. Infiltration Infiltration makes Unreal Tournament much more, uh, real. This mutator swaps out all of those fantasy weapons and puts in the sort of realistic guns you'd find in Rogue Spear. It also puts in a new damage model, radar to find the other players, a stand-off game type that's a variation of Last Man Standing, and an option to play any game in total darkness using flashlights that not only help you find the enemy, but also help the enemy find you. Although the weapons in Infiltration are more lethal, they have to be aimed more carefully. Infiltration is slower, more precise, and much more tense. 3. NIUT NIUT stands for No Item Unreal Tournament, a mutator that removes all the weapons, ammo, and power-ups from a map. Instead of running around to find equipment--which favors the players who time the spawn cycle--every player starts with the same weapon. After a configurable period of time, that weapon changes either randomly or according to a list you set up. One minute you and your opponent are circle strafing each other with chain guns; the next you're lining up multiple rocket shots at one another from across the room 4. Carry The Flag Carry the Flag lets you change the mechanics of capture the flag games so the flag doesn't just magically teleport back to your base when you touch it. There's a wide range of options for how your flag can be moved after you've wrested it from an enemy trying to carry it back to his base. You can set this mutator so you have to pick the flag up and carry it back to base. 5. SlaveMaster SlaveMaster is one of the most clever and innovative mods for a first-person shooter we've seen since Jailbreak. When you frag someone, he turns into a ghostly figure who can't fight until he's earned enough points to get back into the game. To earn points, he has to float around the level and perform tasks for you. He is the servant and you are his master. He can pick up weapons, ammo, and power-ups, each worth various amounts of points. Or he can tag your opponents with soul flares so you can track them for easier kills. 6. Holy Wars This variation on tag makes one player the saint and everyone else a sinner. The saint is the first person to pick up a glowing halo that spawns on the map. From that point on, everyone is out to get the halo and become the saint. The reason you want to be the saint is because this is the best way to get frags. The saint can frag anyone, but sinners can only frag the saint 7. Unreal Tournament Bonus Pack This isn't just a mutator, because it also adds some new maps and player skins. (We love that Nali cow, but can't quite get a handle on head shots against those poor beasts.) The Bonus Pack also adds Epic's runes to the mutator list. Pick up a rune and you have a special power, but choose wisely, because you can carry only one 8. BoomDeath This mutator creates the potential for a delicious little surprise with every frag. The mod allows the server operator to set the frequency for a BoomDeath incident to occur. It's a percentage chance that anytime someone dies, he or she will explode with the force of the Redeemer--in effect, the dying player will become ground zero. If any players die in the ensuing blast, the person who exploded will get the points for fragging them. 9. UWar UWar adds a power-up system to Unreal Tournament that allows you to increase your speed and jumping, multiply the damage you inflict, regenerate your health automatically, and reduce the damage you take when you're hit. When you frag someone, a floating letter, corresponding to one of these abilities, jumps out of that player's body. As you accumulate letters, the level of those particular abilities increases, and, in team games, you can share power-ups by dropping them for someone else to pick up. Your rating in each of the four abilities is clearly displayed on the HUD as a percentage. 10. DecalStay Unreal Tournament uses images called decals to represent scorch marks, blood splatters, bullet holes, and Snot Gun stains.Hmm SWAT/Tactical Ops staat er nog niet bij. Zeker de moeite waard om er een paar te proberen als je het mij vraagt De Top 10 UT mods