Gamespot heeft een lijstje van de 10 beste Sidekicks online gegooid. Sidekicks zijn dus de maatjes van de hoofdrolspelers. Bijvoorbeeld Luigi in Mario. De eerste:When Grim Fandango's hero, Manny Calavera, went to request a car from the office pool, he gained a faithful sidekick, and we discovered a lovable, endearing friend. LucasArts' Grim Fandango tells the story of one soul's search for redemption and true love in an adventure based on Mexican folklore, set in the land of the dead. Manny Calavera is a down-on-his-luck travel agent in the Dept. of Death, helping newly dead souls set out on the treacherous four-year journey to the ninth underworld. When Manny meets the saintly Mercedes Colomar, he can't seem to find a suitably saintly mode of transportation and reluctantly sets her off on foot into the dangerous world beyond. Manny's journey to find Mercedes and set things right in the land of the dead follows four years of Manny's afterlife.