Na de top 10 UT mods heeft Gamecenter besloten een top 10 Quake 3 mods te maken. Ze bespreken alle tien de mods en vertellen waarom die in de top 10 thuis hoort. Uiteraard staan de links naar de mods er ook. Nu zijn jullie zeker benieuwd welke op nummer één staat? 1. Weapons Factory Arena Weapons Factory Arena is the most ambitious Quake III mod. It has variety and nuance. We love the fact that the classes in WFA aren't distinguished just by their arsenals. The sniper and engineer have grapples and the recon class can fly. The cyborg has a kamikaze option that he can use to sacrifice himself for the good of the team. The engineer and gunner can seed the base with alarms. Marines even have turret grenades to cover their backs as they move into an enemy base. The gunner has two varieties of chain gun: one that he can fire while moving, and a devastating super chain gun that he has to stop to use. Engineers in WFA are given a lot to do, with upgradable sentry guns, ammo depots, and alarms to be placed. The engineer also has a gravity grenade that sucks victims in before it detonates. It's almost enough to tempt these tech-minded classes into going on the offensive. Weapons Factory Arena is also impressive in terms of the resources it offers to bring new players into the fold. There is an introductory walkthrough on the site that explains the basics of choosing your class and testing its capabilities. And there's a thorough and entertaining handbook that details the finer points of each class and recommends some strategies to help new players. No other mod is as successful as WFA when it comes to busting Quake III's deathmatch-only image. In fact, in terms of genre twisting, Weapons Factory Arena lives up to the original Team Fortress, a mod that transcended its engine and became a game unto itself. Now that this legacy has come to Quake III Arena in the form of WFA, you might find yourself asking, Unreal what? Half-who?Half-who?? Je kan het overdrijven . Alle Q3-ers, kom maar op met jullie commentaar van deze top 10!