Stoney Tony ? ik dacht het niet. Tony Hawk 2 is al weer een paar dagen goud en zal binnenkort overal verkrijgbaar zijn. PC.ign had al een versie gekregen maar besloot nog even te wachten met de review. Geduld is een schone zaak But how is the greatest game of recent date on the PC? It's a gem, but with a few microscopic flaws for you perfectionists out there. So far everything seems intact -- the graphics are pumped up to beautiful

resolutions (though not quite up to the Dreamcast version's high standard), the music and sound effects are punk/rap perfect, and all of the features from the PlayStation version are present and ready for the PC.

You can pump up the graphics to 800x600, giving it a crisper look, and you can also install all the game files on your hard drive, making load times almost non-existent.

Though this sounds like a review, it isn't. We're as excited as hell to see this game running smoothly on our PC screens, but we've yet to break open all secrets, discover all the intricacies, and savor the gameplay. That's what the weekend is for. But to tide you over, check out our new screens

Tony Hawk de man die z'n geld verdiend door op een houten plankje te rijden