CheckOut had te melden dat Tomb Raider nu op bijna alle (spel)systemen/consoles te spellen is want hij komt straks er strak ook weer voor de Sega.The sordid tale of Lara's kidnapping begins back in 1996 with the release of part 1 for both the Saturn and PlayStation consoles. Prior to that, Core Designs and Sega were somewhat like Rare and Nintendo. If you heard Core in a sentence, you were likely to hear mention of a Sega console, be it the Genesis (Chuck Rock, Skeleton Crew), SEGA-CD (Battlecorps), or 32X (Core made a version of BC Racers for this system). Tomb Raider was originally rumored to be in development for the Saturn as a pyramid exploration game of some sort, but it ended up coming to both 32-bit systems, and, as was the case for most 3D cross-platform titles, the PlayStation version was superior. Things happened, Tomb Raider was a massive success, Saturn was a faltering system, and all of a sudden, Eidos and Sony had an "agreement" whereby PlayStation would be the exclusive console home for the soon to be four game Tomb Raider series.