Pc.ign wist ons te melden dat er een level editor voor Tomb Raider is. Nu kan jezelf bepalen waar Lara loopt, zwemt en ... eh wat doet ze nog meer . Het schijnt wel een pittige editor te zijn. Maar goed nieuws voor alle fans, kunnen ze naast de zestig delen tellende serie ook nog eens allerlei levels gaan spelen The level editor is the software that was used to create Tomb Raider Chronicles. Now you too can create your own unique Tomb Raider levels!

To create a level, you will need patience & basic computing skills. It also helps if you're creative! You develop a level by creating a 3 dimensional room using blocks or squares. You then apply textures, lighting, place objects/enemies/various triggers etc... to the squares. Like a climbing texture or monkey bars. Lara's control codes and animations are already programmed to interact with whatever type of tomb you create....For example, if you create a long drop into a water room, she will go into her swimming animations when she hits the water. For enemies, you can select the type of enemy artificial intelligence and set trigger points in the room to trigger the enemy.

The editor (menus/buttons) will be in English, but the manual will be translated into different languages.

Manual will have a basic tutorial and an advanced tutorial. 4 different level sets from Tomb Raider - Last Revelation, possibly more level sets at a future date. You cannot modify the textures/model of Lara. Tomb Raider level editor.