Vanaf 1996 ligt er ongeveer iedere kerst wel weer een Tomb Raider game in de winkel met in de hoofdrol natuurlijk de picante dame Lara Croft. GameSpot UK zette alle informatie over Tomb Raider op een rijtje en maakte er een mooie special van.Metal Gear Solid has its Solid Snake, and Syphon Filter has its Gabe Logan, plus there are Mario, Crash Bandicoot, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Spyro the Dragon for fans of all ages to bond with. Yet, amidst all these very recognizable characters, we can neither deny the impact the Tomb Raider series has had on the hybrid action-adventure genre nor the ways in which the game's central character, Lara Croft, has flourished, which was generally unheard of for a nonplatform or RPG game character.

Tomb Raider, introduced in 1996, has been credited with taking the Sony PlayStation to the top of the heap, and its PC sales were nothing to sneeze at either. The sequels have been recognized as "power-ups" and "continues" for the PlayStation's longevity. While those claims may be viewed as overblown PR-infused hype, the games have had such a significant impact on Sony's system (and the PC gamer as well), that they demand to be recognized.Lees de special op dit stukje www.