Avault had een Url gekregen van een website. Deze site had een verslag van de set van Tomb Raider.Bezoek de site hier. As you know the production of Tomb Raider is taking place at Pinewood Studios where the people involved in the flick are heavy at work building sets and shooting scenes.

I got to see the whole set and first I was shown the interior of the Croft mansion which the workers were already tearing down again because shooting had wrapped there. The inside of the Croft mansion was quite damaged because a big fight will take place inside of Lara's home. On the other side there of this sound stage there was Lara's secret Computer room with all kinds of nifty gadgets. This is where her assistant will be during most of the movie and monitor all of Lara's action. There was a robot inside this room which is supposedly quite important for the movie.

At the big 007 stage they were building the massive interior of a temple which will be seen at the end of the movie. Another set had the interior of a giant cave where Lara is supposed to find a piece of an ancient artefact. We were told that about 30 tons of water will be used in this scene which will be released. Somewhat like in Indian Jones and the Temple of Doom. There were some more sets of the Library and they were actually shooting a scene with Jon Voight at the time which involved him in a tent somewhere in a foreign country where he was supposedly searching for artefacts.

The plot goes something like this: An ancient artefact which is something like a key to the temple or similar is broken in two halfs and hidden in different parts of the world. Lara basically has to find these two parts and use the key for whatever. It would not be Lara Croft if she didn't have to fight quite a few bad guys while doing so. In the finale some funny monkeys made of stone will come alive and try to kill everyone who disturbed the peace of the sacred temple.

Ik hoop dat de film beetje leuk wordt, en niet dat de film wordt uitgemolken met kleine nieuwe verhaaltjes. Wat bij de games wel het geval is.