De zoveelste Tomb Raider komt eraan. Goed nieuws voor alle Lara fans...als die er nog zijn . Dit keer heeft men ook de gameplay onder handen genomen want er zijn 4 ! manieren van spelen. Afwisseling daar gaat het om, daarom is dit het zoveelste deel Tomb Raider Chronicles will feature four different gameplay styles suited to each level in the game. FGN Online spoke to Core's Operations Manager Adrian Smith to find out why…

Smith explained, "Tomb Raider has traditionally

featured many different gameplay elements but the

reason for the four different styles that feature in

Chronicles is down to the locations in the game.

We've adapted the gameplay to suit each.

"For example, Rome lends itself to traditional tomb

raiding and in these levels we'll see Lara running

around the backstreets, exploring the catacombs

and dealing with the usual obstacles, all with new

features and moves. We decided to make Rome the

first area so we could ease players into the game.

Then we have a dramatic change with the Russian

naval base and U-boat level.

"A real change for the next location: an Irish island.

This is played as young Lara so no weapons are available. The location features spooky goings-on and Lara has to deal with apparitions and the supernatural by setting traps and solving puzzles. How bigger the tits the greater the hits