Vandaag is de demo uitgekomen van één van de vaste kerstgames, een nieuwe Tomb Raider dus genaamd Tomb Raider Chronicles.

In de demo reist onze pittige dame af naar het oude Rome, waarin ook het Colosseum nagebootst is.One of the new additions in Chronicles (dubbed "a hand-to-hand stealth attack" on the box) requires you to sneak up on an opponent and knock him out from behind. This new move only makes one appearance in the first three episodes, and it seems illogical. Here is a woman who can do a standing long jump of over 15 feet, can jump 10 feet in the air without breaking a sweat, and yet she is absolutely useless when it comes to hand-to-hand combat. At one point, Lara has been captured and her weapons have been taken away. Crawling through the air ducts of a submarine, she comes across the kitchen. If she doesn't sneak up on the chef and knock him out, she is helpless against him. Bear in mind that she once took down a Tyrannosaurus with a handgun, and yet she is powerless against a fat cook with a knife.De demo weegt maar 15 MB en is vanaf dit adres te downloaden.