Battle of the Mods in UT land. Tactical Ops dat niet in de GOTY editie verschijnt, Infiltration 2.80 en nu de toekomst van Strike Force...

En de toekomst is lang, althans het interview Strike Force, one of the more popular Mods for Unreal Tournament, is starting to come into its own. From its initial release, it was apparent that Strike Force was going to be something special, featuring top-notch maps and models and some great new gameplay elements. Sometimes a Mod just lucks out by having a great core of talent that works well together, stays focused and works its project through several stages of development. Strike Force is such a Mod. Some may wonder why the world needs another terrorist verses

counter-terrorist game, especially considering the success of Counter-Strike, but SF has more than enough original elements that appeal to fans of realism ... and the best is yet to come.

One thing that is hounding CS right now is rampant cheating. Has this been an issue with SF? If so, how do you think you can deal with it?

Strike Force is almost 100% free of cheats and exploits. The only problem we have at this point is shotgun jumping (which is pretty fun) where two teammates fire at each other and you fly through the air. With friendly fire turned off you can get a boost of 30 feet or more which allows people to get to areas they should not be able to access. We are working on a fix for this that will be in the next version. Other than that we have not seen or heard of any other. Strike Force strikes back.