Het is een gebed zonder eind, de eindeloze stroom multiplayer cheats die uitkomen voor Half-Life en Counter-Stike.

48 uur na de release van CS 1.5 is er al een Wall/Lambert/WireFrame Hack uitgekomen. De hack is getest door de mannen van Counter-Hack en wat blijkt, zowel HLGuard als Valve zien de cheat niet. Voor HLGuard is al een update in de maak, Valve heeft nog niks van zich laten horen.I'm sorry to report that there has been a Wall Hack created for CS 1.5, and Half-Life in general I believe. We tested it out earlier today, and we were sad to see that VAC (VALVe Anti-Cheat) didn't detect it at all. HLGuard doesn't detect it, other then make it hard to use by their Anti-Wall Hack Methods. I know HLGuard is very close to releasing a patch for the cheat, and hopefully VALVe will do their job so others won't have to. You can see the Screen Shots taken during the tests, and a synopsis of the experiment here. Sorry guys again, but Admins be on the look out, and Players watch your head, you might lose it through a wall. Lees het verslag over de hack op Counter-Hack.